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Ice Cream Bread

Of course I heard about this recipe on the WWW and had to try it. It is after all a pretty clever recipe considering you can add your own ingredients. Can you imagine what combinations of yummy bread you can make?! I chose a homemade vanilla ice cream from Purity, fudge striped cookies and some strawberries!

You will need- everything pictured here. Ingredients vary. 

I cup up my strawberries and crushed my cookies

I added one cup of flour to the ice cream

I mixed well.

I added my strawberries and crushed cookies and mixed again.

After spraying my bread pan with the PAM (olive oil kind) I added the mix to the pan.
I let my oven preheat at 350 and then put the bread in to bake for 45 minutes.

It fell apart! :( will have to work on that. However it turned out SO good! The cookies and the strawberries worked GREAT together!

Let me know how this recipe turns out for you!