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Being a prepper, Ice storm 2015

Some of my friends I know laugh at me sometimes or think I go a little overboard on the whole "prepper" thing. Let this years Ice storm (in the south, lots of snow up north) be an example of why it is in fact important to be a prepper. It isn't just all about being paranoid that the government will fall, or that the economy will crash. No, being a prepper is being prepared for times like these. Let this be a lesson inviting you to be more diligent about stocking back blankets, candles, food and water. Storing things away for times just like this. It doesn't make you a crazy prepper freak, it makes you confident and safe that you and your family can get through whatever is thrown at you. even an ice storm.

 I did NOT have to run to the store for anything before the ice hit. I can stay trapped in the house for weeks at a time but not hungry, not be cold, not worry what will happen when the lights go out and not worry about going without water. Those who don't prep are sitting in their houses scared and worried about running out of bread and losing water.

I take one weeks worth of meals and turn it into two by putting some of what I cook into the freezer. I make my own bread, (mostly biscuits) When I knew the storm was coming I made a huge pot of potato soup for my family, a dozen or so biscuits, a roll of sausage and took some meals out of the freezer to defrost. I also filled up everything that could be filled up with water, including the bathtub. 
The bathtub water is flushing the toilet, not drinking. I keep drinking water by the gallons here at my house. 

I am stocked on candles and have plenty of blankets handy for warmth. I also have a little firepit and lots of firewood I can use if I should so happen to need to cook on it, or heat water. 

Ice is dangerous. Any one of us here in the south would trade our northern friends their snow for this mess! While you all are buried under the snow we have to worry about the worst. Mostly trees falling in our homes or on our cars! The ice weighs heavy on the branches and they easily come down. 
Just last night I stood out on my porch and listened as the trees fell one right after another in the woods behind my house, and out in my yard. 

I hope you all are staying safe and warm!

This tree lost it's branch.

This tree is laying on my power line. How we still have power is beyond me, but I am certainly NOT complaining!