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Paying it forward.

Recently, I won a contest held by The Patriot Nurse. If you do not know who she is, I am going to tell you. The Patriot Nurse goes all over the country teaching Medical prep classes to learn things that will help you, help you're family. I have been fallowing her YouTube channel for a few years now. She is a prepper who wants to share her skill with others. I admire that. I too, want to share my skills with my children. After all the more I am educated at something the better educated my children will be. That is why I chose to throw myself in to learning old wives tales of cures through nature. I believe it would be beneficial to my grand children to live in such a world that does not forget where they come from..so to speak.

I always knew I was meant to do something, and that was educate myself. I have spent a lot of my time teaching myself about Herbal medicines. Dozens of books still yet to read. I claim to be no doctor, but maybe I can help somebody someday because I learned what I could while I had time to learn it. After I started watching the videos on Patriot Nurse's channel, I realized that I needed to have a skill. And that my skill is going to include Medications that can be grown right in my own garden.
It feels like a complete privilege to be able to have medicine just growing wild in your yard. So far I have found Plantain, Garlic, poke weed, dandelion, and possibly a few others I will try to identify come spring.

I won a spot for myself and a guest to attend a two day class headed up by The Patriot Nurse. It is time I learned more about what it is that I want to do to contribute to my bloodline.
I made a video for PN, just letting her know how she has had an impact on me. I actually thought I was late to get the video in, and never expected to be who she chose to fill a spot in the class. But truly, because her videos finally made the light bulb go off in my head I found the contest as an opportunity to tell her thank you. I couldn't believe I won, and I am thrilled to get to be able to go!

I have been paying it forward lately since then, cause you know, karma and all. Gave a homeless guy a five spot, fallowed suit when a friend sent me an unexpected surprise in my email and sent me a B&N gift card.. yay books! So I payed it forward, and sent my mother one. Now she will be occupied for awhile.

Went to see the new hunger games. Didn't get blown up.. It was great though. I am a huge fan of that series.
Little uneasy of what is going on in the world right now. What with North Korea being all mad, and running to china, and Russia's economy about to bottom out right now. Now North Korea and Russia are being all buddy buddy, and Obama is attempting to get into Cuba. Something big is about to go down and if I were you, I would try to get what you need together now. All the riot and unrest is still so much what is on everyone's minds, that people do not see the bigger picture. Trying to get into Cuba is a strategy move. You do not want to try to take on three countries that REALLY dislike us right now without at least one country to back us up. My friends, you are about to witness the crash of the Russian Economy because of the sanctions that were put on them. You don't think they are gonna pissed? Not to mention they are snuggling up to NK, who basically told the US they were starting a war by releasing the movie The interview with Rogen and Franco.
They hacked into sony pictures and told the US if you go to see this movie we will start blowing up theaters. And mentioned how they will do something everyday to us and then the big show starts on Christmas day.
Just keep wondering why nobody takes this threat seriously? Do you seriously not understand that a cyber attack can SHUT..US..DOWN?
I hope you got yours together..