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Home made, organic cleaner

When I found lemons in the discount basket at the local supermarket I scooped them all up. in a package marked 89 cents I found myself saving dollars like a frigging champ.
So I set about making a cleaner for every day purpose. Something that wouldn't make us all sick if it dried up on plates and was ingested. Something that would clean and smell vaguely nice, while at the same time disinfecting like a champ.
Do you know what the two best disinfectants happen to be?

White vinegar and lemons. 
So I made this in the span of about 20 minutes. I cut the lemons up, peel and all- and I stuffed them into a mason jar. size and quantity do not apply here, Just fill whatever size jar with as many lemons as you can muster. And then pour the white vinegar over the top of it. 
The longer that it sits, the more concentrated this cleaner is going to be. Here I have the jar  just made (left) and one that has been sitting in my apothecary cabinet for nearly a week. (right)
I refilled vinegar to the last batch lemons in the one I just made, and I am assuming it will not be as concentrated as the week old batch.

I recycle my cleaner bottles by way of super hot water dawn and Clorox bath. I use the bleach as little as possible, but Somethings just need bleach. So when I poured the jar of cleaner into spray bottle I mixed equal part water. Shake it up a bit and there you have a powerful disinfectant. 

As you can see when it is sprayed it beads up. 

The results are great. It cleans as well as expected, even better I think. Plus, I don't have OCD about washing my hands of chemicals or how they might be injected. This cleaner has actually reduced a lot of the anxiety I had about cleaners being around me.

As you can see here, it is actually really good about cleaning glass as well.  It does leave a film behind, but takes off prints and streaks really well, and no more worry the baby might lick the table.