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Chrysanthemum (Mum) and it's medicinal purposes.

Now that Fall is finally here The ever beautiful Mum flower, queen of the Fall season is sitting on many a porch and prettily adorning porches, walkways and birdbaths in yards and houses everywhere.
Did you know that the Mum not only makes everything all pretty and Fall like, but also carries many medicinal purposes? Here are a some things you can use to treat with the flowers of your Mum. As it starts to shed its flowers, you can collect them the whole flower heads, and allow them to dry.
USE ONLY THE YELLOW OR THE WHITE MUM for medicinal purposes.

Snip the heads off of your Mum right below the flower bud. When they are completely dried out  Add three to four flowers only to a teapot, or a medium saucepan and simmer for TEN MINUTES. No more, no less.

Or, you can add two to three flowers to a large glass and pour very hot water over them and let it sit and steep. The water will turn a golden color. The Chrysanthemum flower has been used for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine and continues to this day to be prescribed for things such as the flu, sinus relief, insomnia relief, blood pressure, stress relief, headache relief, and to help cool the body of a fever.

As with anything, you should limit the usage per day that you ingest this flower. 

The Chrysanthemum is said to detoxify the blood and has been found to antibiotic properties and helps to cure infections, such as Staph.  If you suffer from eye pain, you can use the steeped flowers, placing them between two pieces of gauze bandage and place them on your closed eyelids. 
A study done suggest these flowers and help with Cataracts, and possibly help to both prevent and reverse them.  

As with anything, stop using this herb if you experience any side effects, such as skin irritations. You should also not use the plant if you are taking blood pressure medications. 

And avoid if you are pregnant.