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How to make your own EJuice

Hi! you had asked how to make the juice. actually, it is super easy and loads cheaper than buying it. you need your liquid nicotine, vegetable glycerin and polypropylene glycol. (not to be confused with the antifreeze stuff)
The place I buy it is here nicotine- http://www.ecigexpress.com/unflavored-nicotine.html and pg/vg here- http://www.ecigexpress.com/unflavored-nicotine/pg-vg.html
 I get the nicotine in a 50/50 mix. that means it has some pg/vg mixed in with it. it makes for a better base. The milligram you get depends on what your nicotine level is that you vape. for example, a full flavored cig has about 30 mg of nicotine in it. so, if you smoke full flavor, you can start out with 30. so your bottle of nicotine should be 36mg of nic, this way you aren't using a lot of your nicotine..
it will last longer. I get the pg/vg separate. (not mixed) you can also buy the vg at walmart for about 4 bucks. it is in the first aid section. and bottles.. of course! I have three 30 ml bottles, I pour up the stuff into. this makes it easier when it is measured. ok, so for the flavoring..
 the only place I personally buy my flavors from is http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/c-108-the-flavor-apprentice-world-of-flavors.aspx They have bigger bottles for cheaper. make sure you get some plastic pipettes, so you can have droppers. at first, I started using a calculator which is really helpful because it will get you used to about how much of all this you actually need in your bottle. here is a good calculator.. http://ejuice.breaktru.com/
you can use the calculator to determine how many drops or ml of each you put into the bottle for your juice. you might also get a couple of measuring things, (for the life of me I can't think of what they are called) but the plunger part of the needle, just without the needle.. or like the things they give you at the pharmacy to give medicine to your kid. those hold a lot more and are much more efficient than doing it by drops.
always wear gloves when messing with the nic, because just a little on bare skin can make you sick as a dog.. I am stubborn and for a hot minute I was wearing none, when oops. I couldnt breathe, had hot flashes, my head swam, my stomach turned. ya, I use them now..every time!
There a bunch of youtube vids on making it, but they can be a bit confusing at first because everyone makes their juices different and the amount of each you put in depends on the bottle size you want. for the pg/vg how much you use there is totally by preference. the vg makes your juice thicker and makes more vapor. pg makes it thinner and you get more of throat hit. the calculator will ask you what percentage you want your juice, and tell you how much to add. I started out doing 50/50 but like I said depends on how you like it. its a bit tricky on the calculator when you put the percentages in because everything has to add up. you could do 70%pg and 30%vg for thinner juice, or reverse. its really pretty easy and don't take long to get the hang of it. I know now about how much nic I take, so I am able to put all together without the calculator. this is all a bit confusing at first, but like I said once you know about how much of each to use, you will be able to pour it up in your sleep. haha! oh, and be aware some of the flavor apprentice's flavors are REALLY strong! so take care when using them, like the pineapple is super strong.. so it don't take much. I hope I have helped, add me as a friend if you like, I be glad to help anytime.