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A short coupon post

Ask and you shall receive.

 manufacture coupons can be stacked.
Stacked means that if you find a store coupon they can be used together to save even more money.
For example if you get a coupon in the paper for say, kraft mac and cheese and you go to target's website and they have a target coupon for kraft mac and cheese, you can use the two together at the checkout for extra money off.
your local grocery may double or triple coupons up to a certain amount, which will also help you save. (ask your manager)
Fred's store will double coupons up to 75 cents on Saturday's.
The family dollar store and the dollar general also does store coupons.
remember to grab a sales paper from your local stores so that you can  catch the product for the coupon you have while it is on sale to get the product cheap.
Coupons that come in your Sunday paper differ in different regions.
I live in TN. The coupons I get in my paper might be different than the ones you get if you live in California.
There are also online coupons which you can print out. If you do not have assess to a printer or do not know anyone who let you use theirs, do not fret, just go run and grab a Sunday paper.
The family dollar and dollar general have paper coupons, usually where they keep the sales papers.
Dollar general also takes $5 off $25 on Saturday's.
If you can print, grab the sales papers for the stores and then you can go through, find what you want/need and see if you can find a printable coupon for it on the links below.

let me explain how this is going to work.
product $/1 $ being the value of the coupon /=off then the count of the product
(9/20) The date it is good until

If you are really interested in saving money on batteries, and this is a item you stock when you can then go here-
lots of batteries for cheap!

Target printable coupons (don't forget you can stack!)
Walmart printable coupons
Links to more printable coupons

I hope this has helped.
You can also GO HERE click on stores, and look under the ones you shop at most. It will tell you good deals-for example Yoobi Jumbo Crayons, 12 ct $3.49
Use (link to printable coupon or paper coupon)
4.00 when you buy 2

This is an excellent way to keep up with what sales are where, and how much you can save and what coupons to use.