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NO poo! natural hair care

so, I just wanted to write a bit about this and share my experience.
No poo is where you stop using your shampoo and conditioner! Store bought shampoo and conditioner is loaded with harmful chemicals that can do more damage then good.

read this-

recently, I have become super aware of the things that I am ingesting or putting on my skin. So after a little research, I discovered that I can axe my shampoo and conditioner all together!
My hair is quite lovely, (in the most non conceded way I can put it) In my twenties I flung my long locks around like a golden lion. Having beautiful hair can surely make you feel pretty!
When I hit my thirties however, my hair started to become dull, the glorious wavy curls started to turn into frizz, and I started to see more and more hair loss.
I dye my hair, which I have discovered 1- it doesn't work. two weeks and my grey comes right back. Don't get me wrong, I love my grey. It just means I have survived. However, I have a particular fondness for a deep shade of red, and have struggled over the last two years to maintain it.
Dye will kill your hair.. oh it looks great when you first color, enough to strut like a rooster for a little while anyway! Then the coloring dries your hair out, and it fades.
My biggest torture has been my hair falling out- especially since it is as thin as it is!  A persons hair falls out naturally and grows new hair in its place, but mine was coming out in handfuls!
When I read that this "no poo" method is actually way better for your scalp, and helps to stimulate growth- I thought what the hell!

for your shampoo-
two tablespoons baking soda to a cup of water.

1 cup Apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water.

mix these up in an empty bottle or spray bottle.

I tried the Apple cider vinegar solution first.
I have to tell you, I was quite impressed!  Now at first you think really..vinegar??
Apple cider vinegar breaks down the product build-up in your hair. It balances the pH of your scalp, closes your hair cuticles, helps rid the scalp of dandruff, stimulates hair growth.
After using my regular shampoo, I used the ACV mix as my conditioner.

At first, it felt REALLY dry, heavy and of course, smelled like ACV! But once it started to dry, I was completely amazed at the results. The smell went away when it started to dry, as did the dryness. It started to become really soft, and shiney. Normally, my hair is oily, but let me let you in on a secret- your regular store bought shampoo and conditioner boosts the oil production on your scalp! If you have oily hair, you will find that if you switched to no poo, your hair will produce MUCH less oil than usual!
It is best to wash your hair every other day. You see, even though with no poo, your scalp produces less oil, you still are going to have a little oil in your hair. Even for those who use shampoo and conditioner, you should still only wash and condition every other day.
remember that old saying about brushing 100 strokes?  On those days when you don't wash, and you have oil build up brushing is the smartest thing you can do!
The natural oils in your hair help protect it, and when you brush, the oils are getting all through your hair helping to condition it naturally and making it stronger.

So- after my regular shampoo ran out- I started using the baking soda mix.
I am SO pleased! The first two weeks after I switched, my hair was revolting on my "no wash" day!
it was more oily than usual, and when I brushed through it the top of my head looked almost as if I had put gel in it. (thats how oily my hair is on regular shampoo!)
Even though my NO wash day wasn't a big hit,  my wash days were spent once again feeling like a golden lion!
The one thing I discovered through this process is that I never, ever have to comb or brush my hair wet again.
after using the baking soda for the first time with the ACV, I just got busy doing other things so I didn't brush my wet hair like usual. Turns out- I don't have to! when my hair dried, I could run my fingers through it. No brushing necessary! No tangles.. at all. and my hair is always a tangled mess!
even though I have been no poo for more than a month now- It still amazes me that I have no tangles after a wash.
even with regular conditioner, my hair was tangled terribly.
After the first couple of weeks of no poo, my "no wash" days got a bit better. On those days I rise my hair really good with hot water and it washes away a lot of the oil.
my hair has started producing less oil altogether, so it doesn't look like I took the gel to it.

and guess what?! My hair is not falling out anymore! (well, not as much anyway) I have noticed it getting a bit thicker, stronger, and overall looking much healthier!

If you are wary of what chemicals are in your shampoo and conditioner- If you don't mind the couple of weeks of  adjustment your hair needs to get used to a more natural way of cleaning it- then I suggest you try it!

you wont be dissapointed!!