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You prepared?

Ok, so I haven't posted here in a few days, Because I was thinking about what I wanted to write about.
I post a lot of things to my google plus as well +Diane Woods.
Anyway, I finally figured I would start talking about being prepared. Some of you think being a "prepper" is nuts. Nothing is going to happen.. nothing to worry with.. that's ok. if you are secure in the world in which you are living, that's fine.
For the rest of us, we would rather be prepared than to be shit up the creek right? Listen. this is for those people that think prepping is stupid- It is not necessarily for those that think the government is going to collapse or that a tidal wave will wash everything out.  what if you lost your job. What if the power went out because of a storm? why wouldn't you want water and dried or canned goods about?
Many people don't know these things if stored properly will last up to 10 years as long as the seal or lid stays undamaged. My Great grandmother canned beans that lasted that long. Many folks think canning is complicated so they don't do it. but it actually is pretty simple.
Store away, you never know when you might need things.
Other than canning, I have some other things I want to learn this year, such as Identifying wild herbs, using herbs as medicine, soap making, how flour and cornmeal is made the old fashioned way, more about plumbing, solar energy, and carpentry.
I figured I would take you on this journey with me so maybe we can both learn something new. So, I have gathered some video's and a few books in pdf format for you.

Now, enjoy these books on canning!
A Beginner's Guide to home canning &food
The big book of pressure cooker recipies

Here are a few very helpful links!
Freezer -shelf life guide
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