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Tiny houses!

I have been wanting to do some posts on the tiny house movement and living off the grid.
I am a HUGE fan of tiny houses. I am not sure why, since I am somewhat of a packrat- but there is just something so life changing about living in a smaller space.
For one, you couldn't have to much stuff. Some people can't get enough stuff, but some people say they have too much. The one thing I could not live without is my washer and dryer.
I want to build a tiny home! Not to tiny, but enough cozy space for two or three people. I want my home all of 8 or 900 square feet. with one large room for the kitchen/living- a little bedroom and a loft build over the bedroom. I wish I could draw because it looks awesome in my head!
I of course will have a normal bathroom built on, but a separate little outside shed for the washer and dryer. The hot water in my little house will be from my own homemade hot water heating tank.  and my little house will run off a mixture of on grid electric and solar energy.
The world really seems to be wrong these days. I want to ensure that my family can live off grid if we need to. I have lots of ideas about storage space in small places and things like that. Rain water storage, food storage, a greenhouse. I will post some videos of some tiny houses from my google plus page, but here is a video of a beautiful, self sufficient small home. Breath taking!