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year gone by.

This journey has been long. There were times I have wanted to give up. Move on to a different life. Somehow I find a way to keep going. I suffered this past summer with a knee injury. Fluid seems to had built  there and I was down for a few weeks with a brace and some crutches and antibiotics.  My usual runs to check on the livestock and garden were done via a golfcart.  I found it has come in quite handy as these days I suffer with some sort of knot on my foot. I am No longer able to walk the treadmill as I used to. I still try but most days I find that a pain pill is the only way I am able to keep going. I'm not sure what this knot is but the pain is sometimes unbearable.  I have not posted here in the blog for a time. Cable went down earlier in the year before the start of summer.  The storms that come through ripped up some of the countryside right outside the city. Thankfully not touching my piece of the earth. Physical labor is continuously taking it's toll on my body and it's becoming increasingly difficult to Harvest meat from the cattle and the hogs. Though over the last few years I have filled three of my freezers with meat. The generorators have held out well and after traveling down to Atlanta to pick up ten more my entire block is now running on the sun's power.

I have a house holding feed for the animals as well as a storage house for all of my essential needs and a house set up specifically for things such as sewing and scrapbook which I have taken quite a liking too. All of my pics have scrapbooked. It has taken up my time when I have been down and could not do much. I don't sew as much but I've never been very interested in it either.

I also spend a lot of time pruning and caring for my herbs locked away in my friends house. I was able to get the internet up and running once more using the cell towers. The stray animals that roam haven't been much of a bother anymore. Though I do occasionally run a few cyotes away from the chicken coop. I have also turned one of the houses nearby into a storage for canned food. I have collected a lot from stores and Over the summer I canned a lot of fresh vegetables from the garden. The yards around here grew some wonderful gardens. This winter season has been mild with warmer temperatures than normal.  Christmas day came and went once more. I picked myself up some nice gadgets. A new hunting knife. Some new clothes. And managed to make it into Nashville to clear out Sams club of some useful things I needed to stock back up on. I watch movies and old TV shows at night to keep me company and the dogs and cats keep me in friends to talk to. I keep the shepherds- two males close. The others stay out back on the patio.  I've had three generations but without being fixed they continue to multiply. I can't be responsible for so many. I miss the old life. What could had been. But I find ways to keep busy so I don't have to deal with the pain. I work spells when I feel alone and hold myself close at night.  I have enough food and water. I have started to collect water now. The treatment plant for city water is becoming nasty as noone  is here to help take care of it. So I bring in my water to bathe and cook. Even a water filter cannot seem to keep the water clean. I have had to clean out many stores for water.

Next week I plan to go into Nashville to pick up spring water from a delivery service there. I still use the ground water for the garden and I use the truck and barrels to haul in well water for the livestock  from a place outside the city. I have a separate truck I drive. Daily chores are wearing me thin but I manage.  The pot I grow helps tremendously. I've become much better at growing and the results are out of this world. I use pain pills less than pot as I don't like the thought of the pills in my body when I have No medical staff on call. I use them most when I move around a lot doing chores when my foot hurts the most. I go to a Solon downtown and give myself a treat with the swirling water. Helps my foot a lot. I have also learned to make yarn rugs and have several throw rugs of multi colors. I enjoy an occasional drink but I stay away from it mostly. I don't enjoy the sickness that comes with drinking. When I do drink I stick to a nice bottle of wine. I hear it's good for the heart. My health is what concerns me the most so I take a daily vitamin and keep a healthy diet.  I play the Xbox some and play my Sims.  and wonder..

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