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spring is here.

already. i havent felt much like posting. instead, i have been at hutches house near everyday, taking care of my plants. i have turned the whole house into one large greenhouse. i started a nice herb garden too. pots of basil and aloe, and lavender. for the last couple months i have been growing and drying herbs. they are hanging all over the house. the yard has 10 fold out tables sitting in it underneath tarps i hung. veggie seeds are germinating.. one hundred each of tomato, bell pepper, squash, melons.. cukes. oh what a wonderful garden this year!
i have spent most of my nights reading. well, all of my nights reading. on the healing purposes of those herbs, and about magic, and even bread making. i hunger for knowledge i guess. right now, my coffee table is covered with everything from American history to books on rocks.
the nights arent so quiet anymore. i hear coyotes close now. of course, my little block of the city looks like a football stadium at night all lit up. i have lights rigged pretty much around all the pens and the houses. this spring has brought 2 new calves. im expecting a few little piglets as well. the goats are thriving. 7 of them- all rescued of course because i couldnt muster the will to leave them.
i have chickens coming out the wazoo. the horses are great, tho out of town a ways and i cant keep my eye on them at all times, i still go out everyday and make sure they are taken care of. the last couple of weeks, i have been riding more ofton. most of the afternoon matter of fact. monty, the largest of the bunch of 4- a huge 17 hand stud- has become one of my best friends. his coloring is a creaming grey and he is dappled up on his rump.
the shepherds have begun multiplying- im expecting a third generation within the next few weeks. the first litter saw 5 born. 3 of those five dissapeared. im hauling in tons of dogfood. i went into shelbyville yesterday for that very thing- dogfood. hauled back a whole truck bed. this is where the neighbor 3 doors down come in handy. her house, a nice little 4 bedroom brick place with a fountain out front- whatta fun adventure cleaning her place out was! i could barley stand the smell of rotting food. but 4 boxes of glad trashbags later..
her fridge comes in great for medicines that need to be kept cool and vet supplies.
after re-arranging her living room, i got the most out of it. two hundred. YES TWO HUNDRED bags of dog and cat food and one side. thats alot of feed. feed for the other animals i have not had to haul in from other places yet. only dog food. i was so worried about strays in the neighborhood eating my chickens, that i had gone to putting out dogfood at various locations. i figured- i have an endless supply of.. well, everything.. so why not feed the strays? that is untill the rabid lab.
a month and a half ago, that big yellow lab nearly attacked me. for my own safety, i always care a rifle. and im a lucky girl to have had it that day.
since rabies can spread quickly, and efficiently, i decided that putting out food for strays was not a brilliant idea. i feed my crew of 4 shepherds and 2 goat dogs.. out on the patio.
i would like to figure out how.. or with what i can sort of- barricade my entire block off. since i use both the house next door, the one behind me and the one accross the street. i have of course recently added the feed house, which is on the other side of me.
its spring! time to go get the tiller and dig up some yards! every yard on this block will have something planted. i am excited about that. looking forward to the corn.