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coming and going..

sometimes i forget. i took the dogs out for a run at the battlefield. it was 72 today. the sunshine was amazing. warm. the dogs went nuts with thier tennis balls and the Frisbee, we have been practicing on it. they never stray far from my side, keeping a watchful eye on me. i always feel better when they are around. i went to wallmart, the dogs went crazy! i guess.. nobody is really around. i found this great 4 wheeler and a little trailer to go on back. wasnt hard at all to get geared up. now i dont have to squeeze between the cars or push them out of my way. it goes thru town nicely and the dogs are much more enthused with the wagon than the back of the truck. when i take my trip out west this summer im going to get a nice big van. the cats will have to be in thier carriers in the back, the dogs in thiers in the far back. the funniest thing i think is that i really dont have to pack. unless i want to of course. but i really cant see a reason to when i just go in somewhere and grab what i want. sounds like a plan. on second thought, i think ill take a RV. why i didnt think of it before is beyond me. maybe i can find one of those pimped out motor homes with the dish on the top and so on. that i think will be much better on the animals. more comfy ride. i have seen some of motor homes, and let me tell you they are awesome!
my plants will be done in a month or 2, and so i can harvest and have some for the road, while i have some back here curing. im so looking forward to the west coast. i may even go so far as to drive north to Vancouver. hear they got some damn good stuff up there. i get to go thru washington state and all that good stuff. hey, im actually excited about that. i know for certain i am staying out of the way of tornado valley. actually, ill have to rethink that because i actually always wanted to see one. and how extraordinary it would be. i want to go everywhere this summer.