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the beginning of life.

it was a beautiful day. the sun blanketed the earth with warmth. they are together once again.
a epic romance was born the day the earth split from the sky. 2 gods, 2 goddesses. each bound to the other. each intertwined. they become the elements. air and water bound together, earth and fire bound together. the goddess earth fell in love with the sun god, the god of air. but she was bound to another. she is bound to the god of the underworld. in the beginning the sun god kissed the goddess earth and they made love, and in this love the goddess earth become fertile with life. the sun god loved her so much, that he covered her in a blanket of warmth and nurtured his seed to life. they spent a time together each getting stronger as the life they made grew into maturity. then when it was time for the mother goddess to descend into the underworld with her king to pass on the souls collected in her absence, the sun god became sorrowful and moved away from her. the life they made died and her domain became cold and bare. in the month of march, she descends from the underworld and they meet again.
a love story you never heard as a little girl.
i can feel the spring in my heart. its a silent romancing between me and the earth. she calls out to me in the wind, and beckons me to sow the seeds of life.
this romance has me dreamy as i wait for the moment of the last frost.