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in the light.

the snow melted, and it snowed again. for 3 days it snowed, covering the ground in a thin white blanket of beauty. only about 1-2 inches at most, but very pretty. this winter has been unusual. more snow then any of the years past. i just stay in when its really cold out, and it has been pretty cold out. i have more than half of my family pictures put away in a nice thick scrapbook. i want to say i had a lot of fun, and gotton a lot of joy out doing it. in some ways i did, but mostly it was heartbreaking. i printed out all the pictures that i had on a disk and spent the last few days covering one whole entire wall of my dining room in them. they are wonderful to look at. each with its own special memory attached. it punches me in the gut every single time i look at those beautiful creatures that i miss so very much. i went out on thursday for medicine. i have a chest cold, lots of head congestion too. i brewed up herbs to take for it. its starting to clear up nicley, the congestion is breaking up.my botainical garden across town is doing well, i got out today and checked it. first time since i went out for meds. they are doing well, it seems i have enough of everything i need. the little herb plants are growing quite well. it is like a rain forest in there.
staying indoors has really got me down, so im glad i was feeling better and that the sun was shining. even if the air is chilly. i feel spring is soon to come, but not before a few more inches of snow falls on the ground.
the dogs are healthy. growing fast. they injoyed the snow falling, but thier joy was short lived when thier paws started to get cold.
i wonder whats going on in the rest of the world.