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it has been 5 days. it was frozen, it is starting to melt away now, but the cold temps keep it freezing. it started on firday morning and snowed till sat afternoon when it turned over to freezing rain. the snow got packed with a thick layer of ice, when the temps got into the single digits. it was cold as hell. i didnt want to go anywhere, i dont like getting out in the slucsh and snow, so i have been stuck in the house since friday. the dogs dont like it much either. the snow i mean. we played out on the patio today throwing the ball. they chased it around the enclosed in space as it bounced off walls untill they wore them selfves out. i got a fire going, and here i sit with my laptop. last monday i drove to chattanooga and picked up 8 more solar powered generators. you know what i cant understand.. why the worlds people were so greedy that we had to buy our power, while the whole time we have a completly free source of energy. it doesnt make any sence.
anyway, no sence in contemplating it now.
im glad the lights and everything are still on. the cable is to, but the tv dont work. all the channels are just blank. but yay for the internet being on. i am currently downloading stuff for my sims 2. i have a really fast computer, and a great graphics card, and it goes really fast, even with all the extra downloaded stuff. its cozy here.
i rounded up all the stuff i needed to grow my garden at my buddy's house. lights, nutrients. the generators are waiting for it. i made a trip last weekend to a place i knew. found everything i needed. and i did. enough actually. to fix me for awhile. the zanex are doing ok for me.
so, my solar powered generators, now running 4 more freezers at sears, and 6 at the house. they arent actually running them now, the reg. power is, but they all are reasy and in place when the time comes to turn them on. they are assigned to thier spots. i have been keeping busy. i decided to bring in a tv stand, and hooked a flat screen up in my "craft room" had to move a few things over, but i made a spot. that way i can watch tv while i do craft stuff. it helps drown out the silence.
i also got a really nice laptop that is touch screen. the screen you can twist around and put down so its like a tablet. its sweet. i keep it hooked up to that tv so that i can watch news from it.
my puzzle is finished. i got some of that puzzle glue. the kind that you brush all over it and it turns out stuck together and stiff. i got a frame, hard to find too, and now its hanging on the wall. pretty cool.
i miss everyone.
last week was pretty busy. not only did i go and pick up the generators, but i also found a little farm outside town. there are 4 horses, and 10 cows. 2 of which are dairy cows. i found this little farm on wednsday. there is a cute little country house, and a great big barn with 6 or 8 stalls.. there is lots of hay in there. well, for now anyway. i went by tractor supply and got some feed for them. they have lots of room in the barn, and huge troughs. i filled them up. hauled a truckload of feed out to them. the horses have those jacket things that cover them, so they will kinda stay warm. now that the roads are cleared, i plan on going to tomarrow to check on them.
my nieghbors house has a big yard, and it fenced in. their back porch is screened in. its really nice. so i went over on thursday before all this snow and ice started and got a bunch of wood. i plan on building some boxes and little ramps for some chickens. i am drawing plans on how it will look. so far i am excited about starting on it, and plan to do that as soon as it warms up a little. i am going to go out to a tyson farm out towards the next county over and gather up a bunch of hens and try and find some roosters. maybe some other little farm will have some. that screened in porch will be perfect for them. i will cut some sreen away from the bottom of the porch to make a sort of drain, and a spot that i can put a hose through in order to clean off the porch, spray it all out. it gives me something to look forward to, and keeps my mind at ease. gives me something to do.
plus, i get fresh eggs. now that lifts my spirits.
my yard is big enough that i can grow some great veggies this spring. there is also a nursery accross town that might have some fruit trees. apples, peaches.. plant a little orchard in between the two houses.
im trying to stay positive. im trying not to give in and give up. but truth is, im very sad. i never thought i would miss strangers. i used to think humans were tiny little termites eating up our natural resources. destroying everything. and now i can honestly say that i miss those little termites. i miss the sounds of normal.