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its not the same.

its still very messed up to me, that no one is here but me. i was up at 6 this morning, got dressed, got some coffee. yesterday when i went out i noticed a nice black dodge truck on the main road. since it wasnt far at all, i walked out there. thats what im driving around now. i went to sears first, they had 4 deep freezers, but the fridges too, i made sure they were all plugged in. the closest place to sears was wallmart. so i just started there. i havent gone to look and see about a atv yet. ill dod that later i guess. my main goal is getting as much food as possible to these freezers before it goes bad. i parked the truck right out by the door. i wanted to see if i could back in, but not possible. and i wasnt going to the docking doors. thats too fuckin creepy. i found a tarp first, and layed that down in the bed. i got a buch of those rubbermaid containers, and i filled them up to the tops with meat. i got about 5 of them in the back of the truck, and got them over to the freezers. my back is killing me. im taking a break. i have a cold beer, and a computer to talk to. wow. life fucking sucks. i have t go get refills on my meds, i ran out. without them my anxiety will kick up about 10 notches or so. maybe worse, of corse the pills arent really helping much, oh what with me being the last person on earth and all. shit. so i got 1 deep freezer full of meat. im getting a little hungry, i grabbed some steaks, im gonna have to go to one of these big ass houses around here and use thier grill. those rich assholes always have the best grills. better yet, fuck it, ill just go to the outback. they have freezers too, plenty of food in there i bet. and no doubt they run off gas. i drove through a couple hoods on my way home, i havent spotted any solar things yet. i think it may come down to making sure i find some house with gas first, then figure out how the hell to hook up a big generator to run my electronics. ill learn, i cannot do without my computers. not having them will make me insane. its a link, a link to the rest of the world. even if there is nothing left, at least i will feel as if im talking to somebody. and i need to talk to somebody. speaking of computers.. maybe ill go by best buy on my way home.
i have to go get some boots. good heavy boots i can wear. they have those big overalls and stuff at tractor supply. those will be good. i have to go load more meat. ill be back later.