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8:45 pm
i got two more freezers filled up yesterday. i found a place that has gas instead of electric, i moved some of my things there. just some things i want to keep. nothing that i need right now, but maybe later on. i want to stay in this place as long as possible. i know that when the snow and ice comes and the power lines go down that i wont have any heat. i wont be able to stay here then. so its best that i go ahead and settle somewhere new. somewhere i can count on to stay warm during the winter. the place has a couple fireplaces. its not a huge place, but nice enough, plenty of space. i got a couple more freezers full today. and i went by the outback and made a couple steaks for supper.
dont judge me, its empty. why let porterhouse steaks go to waste?
i got a kick ass computer from best buy on my way out of that part of town. i also went by the rite aid, and picked up some medical supplies. it will be alot better for me to carry around a first aid kit where ever i go.
this morning, i got up and went to the gym. i worked out on a few diffrent machines. im sore as hell now. i am going to start going everyday. its important to have more strength than i have now. it will help me move around better too. have to start taking better care of myself. i got wheat bread and some frsh fruits and veggies from publix. i brought a grill home. just got a small one, burns charcoal. im going to try grilling everything. have to watch the greasy foods. i cant exactly have my heart worked on now can i?
i picked up some clothes from sears yesterday after i got the last freezer filled up. admired the power tools and talked to the manequinn that was weaing the nice furry coat. i picked up a movie today, i watched it a little while ago while wrapped up in bed. i need to get some veggie seeds. not exactly sure where. there is more food stuff in the stores than i can possibly consume in time for it not to rot. i got a bunch of mason jars and the stuff i need to can them. naturally, since i need alot of space to can, i took the jars and the other stuff to the outback. i guess thats my place of choice now. it has 2 big ass freezers. if i work everyday all day, i might get alot done. im not so much worried about stocking up on stuff, its not like i cant go and get whatever i need when i need it. or whatever i want. its funny, when i couldnt get it and wanted it, it was dissapointing. now that i can pretty much have whatever i want, its somehow not as appealing.
i have been looking around online, and found a place in nashville that sells solar powered back up generators. im going there tomarrow. im going to get all they have. ive been reading about them, they can run the stove and fridge. where im going, i will have gas, so im not to worried about the stove. but it will be great to be able to run my electronics and the fridge. and maybe possibly the washer and dryer.
im lonely. i am looking around on line to see where there is a kennel in the area that breeds german shepherds. i hope i find one, i will get a pup. they are smart dogs, and i know raising one i will have a companion and a guard dog. maybe i will get a pair. why are the people gone, but the animals still here?
i can go around that all day. i have so many theroys and no answers. but somehow i dont think answers would make much of a diffrence now would they?
tomarrow, ill be up early to go and start trying to get some of those vegs and fruits canned. i am going to do some jams too. maybe some spagetti sauce, or some other diffrent kinds. im tired.