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My thirty day juicing fast and what's the big deal?

For one entire month, I stopped eating.
I started juicing.
It changed my life.

I lost thirty (or more) pounds. I went from a size 22, to a size 15.. In ONE MONTH.
After I juiced, I put myself on a vegan gluten free diet, and averaged loosing five pounds a week.

It was actually easier than I thought it would be.
not eating, I mean.I was doing it because my stomach was so screwed up I couldn't eat anything anymore anyway without the pain.
By the end of the month, I literally felt better than I have in ten years.I had energy, I was stronger, I was free of stomach issues and I was down from a size 22 to a size 15.
in ONE month.

The trick is not to stop eating and start juicing because you feel you need to lose weight. Diets never really work for some folks.The trick is to start juicing with the mindset of being healthier, expelling the toxins and the nasty stuff your body is holding because of the food that you have previously eaten. If that is the mindset you start your juicing journey with, it is much easier not to be tempted by
all the yummy goodness of evil cheesecake and bacon.You must first, asess your own self.

Can I make it without eating?
-You CAN. You afterall, juicing is just eating in a different form. And the best thing about juicing is that you can juice all day long, four, five, eight times a day and you are still sticking to your plan.
After all, juicing is the healthiest form of eating, because it's all fruits and veggies.

What do YOU need, health wise.
-This is different for everyone. some people with health issues already, need certain vitamins or iron, or lack essential amino acids they need in their diets.Before you start juicing please take these things
into consideration and moderate your juicing experience to include these things.

This will cost a fortune!
-No, it really won't! The only thing you might need to invest in is a juicer. I got mine at walmart for thirty bucks. You might also ask around to see if someone has one they don't use for sale, or perhaps someone has one you can barrow.

The ingredients to juice- just fruits and veggies, are not expensive at all. Visit your local farmers
market for cheaper locally grown fruits and veggies. This means you support your neighbors, the little guys, the guys who put a lot of hard work into what they do.

I will have to buy all organic, it will be expensive!
-Not necessarily.. this is why I say go to the farmers market, you can find organic there a lot of
the times at much better prices than walmart or kroger, or which ever place you go, if you choose to
do all organic.But.. you do not HAVE to go organic. As long as you are eating real food!

Our bodies need healthy, balanced diets. I know, we been hearing this all of our lives right!? Eat all
the food groups.. you have to have some of this- some of that.. well, some of that is true. But, some of it is not. You can find everything, every vitamin, mineral, ect.. in fruits and veggies. Some more than others, but you absolutely can live off fruits and veggies alone, (including some supplements of course) especially now, when we live in a world in which we have a lot of options when it comes to eating.

I will tell you some things I used.

Flax seed
brown rice protein
hemp seed
molasses (You NEED this if you juice! I will explain why here in a min)
Honey (This too!)

I used these things in my omg delish smoothies
(Yep, you can totally do smoothies as part of juicing, it really helps that sweet tooth craving!)

I bought a supplement to take every morning, called green vibrance. It is chock full of everything we
need health wise, and promotes a good healthy immune system which is vital. You don't have to have it, I chose to get it myself because I wanted to make sure I was getting everything I really needed in my body since I was no longer eating actual food.
I really did overthink that one though!

This is what I did-
I woke up to a yummy morning orange, bananna, and strawberry juice.

Middle of the day I did my green juice.

Then late afternoon I did my red juice.

at night, I had a smoothie.

Certain veggies do certain things.
Among some of the healthiest and most vital of these is kale and beets.Oh, come on, don't wrinkle your nose, beets are super awesome, and you can't even taste them in the juice!

Kale is PACKED with all kinds of nutes and vitamins.
My green juice, consisted of kale, spinach, and cucumber.

My red- sweet potato, beet and orange. (seriously, it's SO good! Taste more of the orange than
anything, and you wouldn't figure the sweet potato would go, but it was really good I promise!)

And my smoothie-
ugh.. let me just say that the best part about making the smoothies was experimenting.
I did strawberry and banana (Always a winner) But I also tried Pineapple and red seedless grapes
and I cannot tell you how awesome that one was!

Juicing is not an exact science. You will have to experiment with different veggies to find something
you like. In your green juice, I suggest using fresh herbs too, because herbs are awesome healthwise and can help your body more than you think. Here are some suggestions to add to your juices.

Ginger- Ginger is the best thing to keep around your house. It can be used in different ways, and is
medicine that is well worth keeping. Ginger is anti inflammatory, antibiotic, can cure a
sinus infection in less than two days (YES, seriously) Can promote healthy immune system and it
also works like an aspirin.

You don't need much of the ginger. If you add it to your juice, use very little because ginger has a big kick! If you want to use it medicinally, when you have a cold, headache, your body hurts, or anything you need as anti inflammatory, use it in a tea. cut about 1/4 inch, or a small piece off, wash it a little with cold water and add it to 2 cups of boiling water. count to twenty, take it off the heat, cover it with a lid and let it seep for ten minutes. If you have a cold or sinus infection ginger is going to make it go away!

Rosemary- This herb is full of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. And if you cut out everything else, it
is important to get calcium. Calcium is high in a lot of green veggies as well as iron. So, if you are
doing a lot of green juicing then you can omit the rosemary if you prefer although the added medicinal and health benefits of rosemary rock.It is rich in antioxidants,which are good when you are juicing because they help expel all the nasties from your system. Rosemary also has anti inflammatory properties, will help aid digestion which is super important, and it is good for your brain health.

You can also use
Basil- which is excellent for heart health. And has lots of vitamin k which we need.

Flax seed and hemp seed- First, for those who had the thought in mind that hemp seed is bad because job/drug test or whatever other reason, I want to assure you that hemp is no way the same as cannabis (pot) some people tend to take them both hand in hand, but I assure you that hemp seed will neither get you high nor will it show up on your drug tests at work. Hemp is probably the healthiest plant ever to grow and you can eat the entire plant and reap the health benefits. Hemp seed is available at health food stores, or you can buy it online. It is not illegal, I believe you can even find it at walmart these days.
Hemp seed has ALL of the known amino acids 9 of which are essential. You can add it to your smoothies. Flax seed is high in Omega 3, is heart healthy, antioxidant, fiber (You need this!!) and can help prevent cancers like breast, prostate and colon, or heart and lung disease.
And of course, anything that helps prevent cancer is a good thing ya'll!

Honey- Oh I cannot stress this enough, eat honey.. eat it when you're sick, eat it when you're not sick, eat a spoon every single day. Buy it with comb, because you can use this for wounds. (YES) cuts, scrapes, burns, infections, HONEY HONEY HONEY. Stock it up! Local honey is the best, and you can also find that at your farmers market. Honey is antibacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti inflammatory.. honey is the best medicine..
When you have strep, eat honey instead of antibiotics because honey KILLS the strep virus. Those of you with kids.. remember this when your babies get sick. Honey also kills MRSA.

But seriously..

***** You CANNOT give honey to kids under two!!****

But older kids, absolutely. Mix one tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon and it will stop coughs. it coats the throat, and taken 3 or 4 times a day will get you better in no time.

Local honey is great for allergies!

Add a tablespoon of honey to your smoothies you reap the health benefits from it, as well as making your smoothies a little sweeter!

Molasses- Ok, if you are going to juice, you have to have it. Cutting off everything you are eating and going straight to juicing is a shock on your body. Not saying that you will kill over or get real sick or anything, but the deal is that your body is not used to going from one extreme to the other. So, you will experience a few days there where you will feel blah, maybe not have any energy, and your calf muscles may ache. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP! It will pass, I promise you. This is just the way your body adjusts, you WILL feel better, YOU CAN DO IT!

I tell you go get some black strap molasses just because of this reason. You need to have potassium, and a few bananas a day really don't get you enough.
The potassium will stop you from aching in your legs which is where it will hit.

If you can't get the molasses, get some plantains. (you know, those funny looking bananas)

But listen- DO NOT put plantains in the juicer!
They go in smoothies.. putting them in the juicer will make a huge mess!!

ok. So now that I have that covered, I will share a few recipes with you. Or mine, at least. You can find tons of recipes online as well.

Morning juice
1 orange
1 banana
4 or 5 strawberries

Green juice
half cup chopped kale
half cup chopped spinach
1 big cucumber
add your fresh herbs :)

Red juice
Half a sweet potato
half a beet
1 orange

Smoothies (NOM NOM NOM!!)
I used,

1/4 cup plain, organic stonyfield yogurt. Yogurt is especially good for the stomach and digestive tract, as it gives you the good bacteria you need to help with your belly and gut. And gut and belly health is SUPER important because that is like, the vault of the bank. Everything happens first in the gut. You know that old saying we are what we eat? It's totally true. And gut health is so important because your gut health can affect EVERYTHING else. So- probiotics.. yogurt.. go.

so ok,

 1/4 cup of the yogurt
1 teaspoon flax seed or hemp seed
1 tablespoon of honey or molasses
1 or 2 cups almond milk or reg milk (the almond vanilla kind is omg ya'll.. I don't even drink reg milk anymore because that almond milk is SUPER good)
And whichever fruit you want.
And I used 1 and a half teaspoons of brown rice protein powder. You can omit this if you want, I used it to make sure I was getting enough protein.

This all goes in the blender by the way..

You can add more or less milk, just depends on how thick you want it.

You don't have to follow what I did. The best part about juicing is finding what you like, what your body needs in the way of vitamins, iron etc.
Like I said, there are lots of recipes out there. And some are specific, like recipes for heart health, stomach health, things like that.

The most important thing.. Don't give up! Ya'll, I love my cheesecake no lie.. And If I can cut myself off so can You! For whatever reason you decide to juice, just keep in mind that you will feel better, be healthier, Help your body fight off sickness, and cancers. You will find yourself in the spot I was, looking at yourself in the mirror, looking healthy, skin actually glowing, feel super good and proud of yourself.

If you need a boost of motivation when you are feeling like you can't do it, go to the store. Go down the aisles, look at the food you normally buy, normally eat..

read the ingredients!

You know high fructose corn syrup will be in just about everything. You know this comes from GMO pesticide infested corn?  Diabetes is at an all time high, go look and see it is in everything. Now you will understand why diabetes is so common. Now you see why people are so sick, because they are eating these things with ingredients we can't even pronounce!

I hope that this helped, I am happy to answer any questions you have. Also happy to keep you on track if you decide to juice and do it, and then have an off day. Do it for you- do it because you want to feel better, look better, be healthier.

I can guarantee you, it is totally worth it.