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FDA shit regulations.

These types of stories anger me to no end. Reason being-
1) ALL ingredients in Ecig juice ARE in fact FDA approved.
2) They skate around the truth.
That truth being is that the only reason why the FDA wants to put regulations on the Ecig is because it is bad for big tobacco. In the next video, you will get that message loud and clear.
I have been using the Ecig for four years. I see nothing wrong with a person using this device instead of dangerous tobacco. However,  big Tobacco sees this as problem, and of course they would because they are losing money as revenue from the Ecig market make as much as them more by each year and will far surpass them in revenue in the next year.

Notice how she said the Ecig market will make more than big Tobacco? Now do you think those corporate giants want to lose money? And don't you think big tobacco has a little power over the FDA? It works the same way with marijuana, Take a plant with outstanding medicinal purposes and keep it illegal. Why? because big pharma.. that's why.

The whole system is screwed up.