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Fukushima - The disaster that is not being talked about.

I wanted to do a post on this, because it seems as though this epic disaster is being pushed aside by our National media.
I am going to post some stories that I believe are directly related to the spill of the radiation from the Fukushima plant disaster.
First, you should know that your government leaders refuse to acknowledge this disaster. they say that the radiation will not reach our land, that there is too much water so the radiation is too diluted to make a difference to our race or our eco-system.
really..wtf. If you believe this- I am sorry.

here are the links to the stories. Read them and form your own opinion.






fur loss-open-sores-seen-in-polar-bears

alaska fisheries reports on sick animals and fish


This link is a video
unusual behaviors from animals


Make up your own mind..