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Vaccinations- how safe are they really?

I read a few interesting things this morning that I knew I had to write a story on. This kind of plays into my last post, as this story is about the vaccinations that the health department gives your kids. These vaccinations are required to attend public schools. How safe are these vaccinations, and are they really needed?
What about the flu shot? Do you take a flu shot every year? I personally have never had a flu shot, nor have I ever gotten the flu.  At no point in time have I ever thought the flu shot was a good idea. Most people GET the flu after taking the shot.  It gives you the virus, to keep you from getting the virus. now  how does that make sense? I realize there are many people who almost die from influenza strains. Just recently some extended family of my daughters were in danger of losing their young son to the H1N1 virus. Nasty stuff there. Knock on wood, but I have been lucky thus far. I have certainly been in a house full of people with the flu virus. exchanging saliva, nursing the young, exposed to the germs. but still.. I have never had it.
I consider myself lucky in that respect. I still wont ever take the shot. So in the few articles I read this morning, I knew this was something important and worth sharing.

 15-year-old schoolgirl developed the sleeping disorder narcolepsy four months after being given the Pandemrix injection. (swine flu shot) 

In this article, read about the damages from the flu shot that had to be compensated by the Depart of Justice.
this article says-
Of the 70 cases compensated, 42 of them were for the flu vaccine, or 60% of the cases settled where compensation was awarded for injury or death due to the vaccine. The combined total of the other 40% of cases settled included the following vaccines: Hep B, Tetanus, HPV, DTaP, MMR, IPV, PCV, Hib, Meningococcal, Varicella, TD.

You should be aware that this was all kept under wraps by the Department of Justice- It was NEVER reported to mainstream media.

Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome is a syndrome which effects the nervous system.  This syndrome is the most common result of taking the flu shot.
Coincidentally, This syndrome closely resembles Polio.
You can read the comparison in the article.

Be aware that in the US the FDA regulates and licenses all vaccinations. The same folks who put those medications in public hands that you see the commercials for later on TV. You know the ones I am talking about.
Flu vaccine considered most dangerous

Meanwhile, Medical staff are being FORCED to take the flu shot, or lose their jobs because of the new mandates in Obamacare. Recently Dreonna Breton, a registered nurse in Pennsylvania, lost her job recently due to refusing the vaccine based on medical reasons. She is pregnant, and has a history of miscarriages. Her doctor advised her NOT to get the flu vaccine, and her hospital fired her.
Nurses take stand against forced flu vaccine
Pregnant nurse fired for not taking flu shot
Flu vaccine NOT TESTED on pregnant women

There is also controversy over rather or not vaccines cause autism.
A vaccinated Nation Vaccines/Autism

Vaccination laws
State laws and vaccinations

Perhaps You might think about home-schooling. And- perhaps you might give a second thought to that flu shot.