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wore out yet?

By now, your house is a mess. A messy house, is a happy home. that's because everybody has awesome new stuff to play with?
They say that Christmas is just not the same anymore. But really, Christmas has never changed, Society has. In the 70's it was everything that was cool in that era too. 8 tack tape players, Star wars.
 In the 80's by the time I started to remember, and I am a girl, so my little ponies are what I got for Christmas when I was a kid- However, I also played Atari, Nintendo, saga and Playstation. I remember when the cell phone came out. I remember the first computers, and playing with the original version of windows- which Puts me right in the era that I would be witness to the birth of this revolution of electronics. its all the same really- our kids beg for tablets, pc's, phones. It is the same thing as when we as kids,  and we begged for atari, walk-mans or later- the compact disk player.
In their hay day before the dollar was being shredded, they cost around the same thing. It was still expensive to us.
 let me share this video with you- hopefully my links turn out.
Best Christmas present ..evar.

Oh how I wish I could embed these videos.

anyway, I hope you all had a good time with your friends and family this year.

Flipping switch-
The one thing that worries me, IS electronics. The world is really becoming quite dependent on their electronics. Who still doesn't have a cell phone? Honestly, I have not memorized a phone number for better than two years.
I wonder what we will be doing with these things in the next decade. And honestly, how comfortable are you with knowing that as long as you have an electronic device on your person you can be tracked?
What about The NSA, the hackers, or identity thieves stealing all our information?
How about how our good friend google bought up all these robotics companies and would actually go in contract with the US Government and build huge robots for the Military?
I do hope our good friends would choose the right side should oh I don't know.. an Economic collapse or a civil unrest type of situation happen.
If you are naive and don't believe that either are coming, then you never really question anything. You have to be blind to the fact that all of the Government are on a slow painful slide to the bottom of the bank.
Listen, I tell everyone anyway- Even if you don't believe, be prepared.  It is better to be prepared, and nothing happen, then crap blows up into your beautiful fan and you have no water handy.

If you have never been here before you would had missed the post a few days ago called "what's up with that?" in which I shared a website that I got a 48 pack of AA and AAA batteries combined for like 21 bucks. If you fallow my link on that post, you will get a ten dollar gift card. so 11 bucks for all those batteries?? whaaaaat...