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Whats up with that?

Ah christmas. the one time of the year where we are allowed to be broke because we are gifting things we need or would be over joyed to have. I for one, bought myself a new pillow. I needed one, as my down pillow I have now has just worn out and now it is time it gets replaced. I regret buying it though already. I always feel badly afterward, because I feel that I could had just stuck to the one I have and make due. but, I also found some really great deals on some awesome gifts for the kids and my sweetheart.
I Like Google plus pretty well. I only wish I knew a way to share between Google+ and Facebook. Google seems to be coming up in the world!
The conspiracy theorist in me wonders about this mystery.

The mystery of Google's sudden robotics splurge - tech - 16 December 2013 - New Scientist

what about this?


Lets flip the switch!
So Like I was going on about earlier, Christmas. I found some really great deals! Here are a few good one I found!


The best thing about shopping at this store, which is a google certified store, btw- is that when you sign up you get a ten dollar gift card. If you share, you can earn ten dollar gift cards here and there.  I have ordered a few things from here. I will again in the future I'm sure.


48-Pack: AA & AAA Duracell Alklaine Batteries


OtterBox Defender Series Case & Holster for Samsung Galaxy S III


10-Piece Set: Zeepad Google Android 4.2 1.5GHz 4GB Dual-Camera 7" Tablet Bundle

Just Grace
Also another great cause I will proudly call out today! I have bought from this this holiday season for my daughter. I completely LOVED the discount, Love the books, and LOVE the cause!

This site reuses and or recycles them. They use this to raise funds for illiteracy and  Libraries. You also get some great discounts there! I am completely in Love with my Nook HD+ but there is certainly something I love about the smell of an old book. I got my daughter the collection (all but two anyway) of this story! for about $21 these book were written by

Charise Mericle Harper

also, for the ladies- If you like mineral makeup, you might be interested in this!
I found this place- 

 You can get a kit with 7 samples of concealer, base, finish dust, or your shadow/eye liner. 
all for the price of shipping. And- so the kit, and a concealer brush- round $12.

Or then you could always go and hit up the outlet! Where you can get discounted makeup, fashion, lotions, or jewelry and maybe some other stuff. 

I am sending my gifts out to my kids a little late, mostly because I was still waiting for orders to come in. But you know, I am happy about that because that means my gifts get days all them to themselves! 

Where did you guys get great savings at?