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A little bit of randomness..

Frst, I think it is imperative to say That I am using my own freedom of speech. I do not intend for this Blog to be aimed at any one group in particular. I want to write about a lot of different things. I realize not everyone will agree with some things I say, but that's fine. I want to write my stories in here, but I also do not want to forget everyday life as well. and I have so many thoughts, I need some place to share them. at the same time I really want to write stories, and I really hope the two can mesh well together, or If I find I need to separate the two. I don't want anyone to argue with my point of views, or argue over them for that matter. I just want to share my thoughts and how I feel about certain things be it religion, politics, or society. Or even my own life, while maybe not as exciting as you think, but its all about being open, and kind to others. I want to write about things that matter, not just stories. If I start another story it will be because I know people have been reading. So if you are reading my last story, then please comment. leave some positive criticism. Let me know what you liked and didn't like. most importantly, what would YOU do that situation? what would you think happened to earth? Use your Imagination! Well, having said all that, lets get to it! OK. so, today I want to talk about a random selection of different things. First, Let me start with the paycheck. My sweetheart gets his paycheck stubs in the mail. I do believe, that we feel the affect of this "Obama-care". He did not get canceled, but a few things happened I think to throw us for THIS loop. Taxes- are the other. so, after working for 76 hours over the span of two weeks. total pay was 946.31. ok, overtime, 148.44. That's great. Federal taxes, 11.89. Social security tax, 59.94. Medicare tax, 14.02. State tax, 27.27. 341 dollars in health insurance/401k. Take home pay- 540 dollars. at least out car payment is covered. however, we have a few other bills. lets just hope we can get through. This is an EXCESSIVE loss to me. I mean this is killing us! more and more get taken out of the pockets of the working American so that people aren't even able to pay their bills! Folks, here is where I go all political on you. Please don't be afraid of change! we HAVE to do something about this country and the people who run it! I am purely a Libertarian, and while that might bother many people, I only became a Libertarian over the last election when I realized the best person with the best ideas was former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson who mentioned ending the useless war on drugs, implementing one tax for all, doing away with the lying, greedy, thieves that are known as the IRS. and listening to the public, respecting and upholding the American Constitution instead of shredding it to bits! It makes me angry every time I think of the election. I mean, people voted for the lesser of two evils to be honest. I was not a big Romney fan either, who was basically set to take women's rights away. and the current flop in the White House- Don't get me started! Pretty much all of our politicians these days are evil. I pray Johnson runs next election. I want to do everything possible to help! It is time for change and your either in or out. OH! I totally forgot I wanted to talk about a girly thing- if you like mineral makeup, there is a site where you can get a 7 piece sample kit of things like base, concealer, blush. for FREE. here is that link- I also posted that to my Google Plus as well. Which may be where specific things like this will go from now on. So make sure that you add me to circles, share with your friends, fallow the blog!