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Major Company Has ‘Removed Selected Products’ Over ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Controversial Comments | TheBlaze.com

This issue has certainly exploded! All based on Freedom of speech and Religion.
Many people have different points on views on this issue. I do not agree with what was said that sparked this controversy, but neither am I in favor of ostracizing the man for it either.

I truly believe that the number one rule of life is to believe in either a higher power, or science. I am a Pagan myself, so I believe in a man and woman deity that gave us their world.  I believe in connecting with the earth to sustain us, nourish us, educate us, and give us peace and calm. some people see the word Pagan and think Devil! satan! .. well, I assure you I have never once called for any demons to come to my aid! Other people will think.. Hippie! oh how much that is true! there is a definite Hippie in here!
Paganism and Christianity are actually very closely related (BTW)
Being a good person means respecting others NO MATTER what. The man's beliefs, and his first amendment!
what bites me in the ass, is that THIS can happen-
Satanists in Oklahoma who are seeking to put their own statue next to a Ten Commandments monument outside the Statehouse.
And THIS can happen-

and they call it freedom of speech. But this man uses his freedom of speech and talks about homosexuals, and people go off the deep-end. why is it than we can wave religion in ones face, but when it comes to a mix of religion and society, no one wants to hear it? I realize that society is changing, people are becoming more evolutionalized in their free thinking, and freedoms. But at the same time why is it that Freedom of speech is only ok in certain situations?

Major Company Has ‘Removed Selected Products’ Over ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star’s Controversial Comments | TheBlaze.com