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I dont know bout the rest of you- but I am friggin cold!

Man! Rain and #Louisiana winters. Every winter I have been here I have merely been "observing" and I have had the pleasure of this phenomenon for third time. First, let me tell you that I love Louisiana. I can do without the humidity that makes you feel like you have walked through the car wash, or those FRACKIN... love bugs! But there is nothing more beautiful than being in a place where culture is so rooted. If you go a town over.. completely different accent. The endless skies. The rice and crawfish fields. The food is OUTSTANDING. This state is within itself, self sufficient. the eco-system, not to much- but that's a story for another day. the weather goes from warm to cold, warm to cold. One minute i got my window open and the fan going, the next I am wishing I could drag my pc under the covers with me. No- it's not a laptop. it has been in the upper 60's up to 73 and at this very moment it is 40. I don't mind the cold, I'm from Michigan. I actually miss it! I miss the snow, and well, just the #winter in general. our weather this winter, with the storms coming in left and right- (we will get to that) has to me- been miserable. It gets warm, it rains, it gets cold. Mind you- I love the rain. But rain and cold ain't cool, and there are a lot of people out there feeling it tonight! So #bundleup and be safe! My neighborhood is fairly small, But CREEEEPY. After the rain, a fog settles and turns the sky a beautiful shade of red, Like velvet and deep blues and purples. Nice right? until you are standing out with your stubborn little rat dog and hear the calls of the coyote's in the distance, and every dog in the hood howls. it is some other-worldly shit. It really is. So, my conspiracy theory? HAARP- want a video? look for it on my google plus profile. Please fallow! HARRP is basically a project the government has been working on for years. One of the things it does is control the weather. I got patterns. I also heard this- seriously. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UymUBCHK1Xw&feature=youtu.be I still dont know what to make of that. The religious folks believe is a horn. The horn of gabriel? am I correct? The scientist want to say it is from the core of the earth. The conspiracy theorist wants to believe it is HARRP making that noise. comment and tell me what you think. Either way, I heard it and it was eerie. BTW- how do I embed Youtube vids??