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Friday, December 20th, 2013.

SO, I figured since I left my Story off in September of 2012, That I would start a new story. I have seen that I have had over 500 page views, and that's a lot! (to me anyway, since I think I started letting Google plus show it. I think..anyway. So, as I wrote my story about what it would be like If I were the only human left on earth. you discovered my panic- at being found I was all alone. my transition- where my natural survival instincts kicked in and I began to assess my situation, gather the things I needed to the most, and find a safe place. Then, you began to see the loneliness, and the grief, and the curiosity. and slowly, the post got few and far between. The empty spaces are for you to use your imagination. anyway, ponder away. While not exactly realizing when I wrote it, how actually personalized it really was. In any case, I hope you enjoyed it. I am not sure exactly what to write about next. I would love to do some posts on everyday life, and share some opinions I have about politics, society, conspiracy theories, and other things. But I also would love to entertain the people who come here with intriguing stories. I only have one follower, LOL- but still, if you are reading, what did you think about my story, if you read back through all the posts anyway.. maybe the next story will be how I was cursed immortal by a voodoo doctor from New Orleans and what life will be like if I lived forever. yeah.. that might be interesting. Or perhaps an apocalyptic situation of some sort. anyway, I will post some more tom. Stregha