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the harvest

i didnt die. it was a long hot summer. and exausting to say the least. the planting,
the picking, the canning, which i decided to do anyway. i grew lots of herbs. im still today
growing them in the rest of the sunshine of the summer. the harvest was grand, so much of it, i have so much
to last me through the winter months. in july, i made it down to louisiana. i fallowed the GPS to my best friends house.
i lost her. her wonderful kids. only memories left of everything that once was in my life that i loved. i spent a week,
exploring baton rouge, and the country that surrounds the little town of kinder where my friend lived her life. i found keys to a p.o box
that they had. when i opened that box, i found a letter addressed to the man i fell in love with years ago.
the address led me a white house on a corner. inside i found pictures of his life with the woman he took up with.
his face broke my heart as it had been so long since i had seen those brown eyes. the memories came flowing back into my head
and i cant stop myself from wondering every day what it would have been like with such a man.
i drove from there after gathering memories of the closest friend ive ever known and her children that i adored to no end.
after gathering up the shepards, i headed east to new orleans. the french quarter was everything i believed it to be. i
collected things that called out to me. i didnt explore further into the city as it seemed still over run with trash from
katrinas wrath.
from there i continued east and headed down to panama city flordia. the water, the coast.. the most beautiful sight i have ever laid
eyes on. what clear and beautiful water. i walked in the surf in the moonlight overwhelmed with so many thoughts.
on the full moon the water called out to me. the soft light shone over the water as far as i could see.
i took a boat out, of course careful to stay close enough to the shore. as i have never been on a sail boat.
hours i spent on the water with a fishing pole in hand. and i did catch a few nice fat seabass.
cleaning them on the other hand took alot more that i thought it would.. stomach wise anyway..
finally, i drove through the everglades. i cant explain how seeing such beauty affected me.
in the distance i saw the mean grey skies closing in on the land, so i headed back home to tennessee. a days drive before
night fall came and i forced myself to stop for the night.
the next night, home to my beautiful cats and the garden. the calves have gotton fat, and its almost time to slaughter them.
the hogs as well. im not looking forward to it, but fresh meat must go into the freezer. believe it or not, the electricity
still burns, keeping my freezers from going down.
steak it is!
sunburn, the unbelievable sunburn that i seemed not smart enough to avoid,
burnt two, maybe three layers of skin from my forearms. but come harvest time, the burn and the hard work payed off.
its already november and still the days are beautiful and warm.hopefully the goddess will bless me with a mild winter.
thankgiving is coming. time to take my rifle out to find myself a turkey!
the chickens are all fattened up, and i have raised more than 30 chicks. i have had to barbwire the outside fence.
a few dogs attempted to get in. i try to still keep dogfood out in certain places.
i spend my evenings on the patio, enjoying the smell of my bbq. the cleaned out stores still provide me with my basic needs
and i no longer feel the need to stock up on goods.
it makes my days a little better when i take my trips to the tractor supply and wallmart.
i was able to get myself a smaller jhon deer to till up the 8 acres of land just outside the city. i spent the
day from sunrise to sunset in the fields.
i also grew many.. many.. pot plants. they thrived having planted them next to the pond on the land. that same pond is stocked with catfish.
i was lucky to not have run into any snakes, or other deadly creatures over the summer.
i spent sundays walking trails in the parks. i even one weekend in august drove up to kentucky to cave.
and another weekend i spent in the smoky mountians in gatlianburg. i wanted to travel farther into north carolina, but my responsiblity
to my land and my animals kept me at the homestead. the barn and the pens were stocked with hay and feed during my trip south,
but i didnt want to chance coming back to any dead animals. going further into the state would have been a hell of a drive and took up some time.
tomarrow, i go on a hunt for some goats. my nieghbors yards are obviously full and i am lucky to have such room..
i guess the goat pen will be accross the street.. haha. a few days ago, i realized the problem that i had, and installed motion detection
lights on the corners of the houses. the chicken pen is the easyiest to keep up with as the chickens all go to roost at night, thus leaving me
with a ligit reason for the lights going off.
the cattle pen, and the hog pen are of course rigged with lights as well, and this coming weekend i plan to put up lights that will burn all night long.
in the morning, i will load up the supplies i need to put up the goat pen. i have been turning out one of the shephards at night, and he has
kept a ever watchful eye on my livestock.
i am glad to have such good friends by my side. my female is going to be coming into heat soon, and i am anxious to see a litter of pups from the pair.
it will be nice to have a few more friends.
i have given thought to attempting to build a sunroom of the front of the house. of course, im no carpenter, but i can at least make a good attempt at it..
if nothing else it will be a once in a lifetime experience.. i was hoping to use it as sort of a greenhouse, but maybe i should give up on the idea
and just go find a greenhouse that someone a bit more.. er.. experienced has built. now that the harvest is close to being over, i have time in the
evenings that i feel like writing here.
in this blog that only i ever read..